Patient Testimonials

“My husband and I got married in our mid-thirties and wanted to start a family right away. Needless to say, this proved much more difficult than anticipated. We turned to Dr. Friberg and his staff because he is the pioneer in the area. Melissa and Dr. Friberg offered a very personal commitment to our success. Dr. Friberg and his amazing staff helped us have our twins! What could have been an exhausting and emotional time turned into an exciting and rewarding experience! We were made to feel like family!”


“I was referred to Dr. Friberg by one of his patients and scheduling my first visit with him proved to be the biggest blessing! My husband and I love how warm Dr. Friberg and his staff are as well as the family vibe of the practice. We have always felt informed and that Dr. Friberg and his staff genuinely care about us and our care. Rare to find a practice like this nowadays!”


“Dr. Friberg is the warmest and most positive doctor we have ever met. Prior to moving to Chicago, we underwent numerous fertility procedures with no success. Dr. Friberg’s positive approach along with his extensive knowledge led us to a successful in vitro procedure and the birth of our son. We are so grateful to be his patient!”


“I married later in life so when it came time to have children, my husband and I faced difficulties. We ended up needing an egg donor to achieve pregnancy. Dr. Friberg and Melissa were wonderful in helping us to not only come to peace with the decision to use an egg donor, but to also facilitate an egg donor for us as well. We are extremely thankful for them and the care they provided to us.”


“Dr. Friberg and his staff were extremely helpful throughout our journey to become parents via gestational surrogate. From day one, when we knew next to nothing about surrogacy, he explained the whole process. Dr. Friberg and his staff not only helped us navigate through learning about the process, he helped facilitate a great surrogate and performed the IVF procedure. He has truly done more than we could have ever asked for! We were kept informed and updated throughout, which was a big deal since we are located in Europe. From the very first appointment, we have always felt that he has put our best interests first. We strongly recommend Dr. Friberg to everyone — you will not find anyone better!”


“Working with Dr. Friberg and his team was one of the best decisions my husband and I have ever made. When we came to Dr. Friberg, it was after a complicated and failed IVF at a large fertility clinic. We felt frustrated and hopeless. Since our problem came from my husband’s vasectomy, we found a wonderful doctor to perform a vasectomy reversal, but a year later, we were still not pregnant. That’s when, on a recommendation from my sister, we called Dr. Friberg. From day one, we felt at home. Melissa answered all our questions and helped us understand all our options. We never felt rushed — all our questions were answered. Everyone took our concerns and personal history into account when making our treatment plan. We decided to try an IUI. On our first round, we conceived our son, who is now 2 years old. Eleven months later we conceived without intervention, and now our son has a little sister! Even with our second pregnancy, Friberg Fertility was our first call, and again, the care we received there was stellar. Dr. Friberg and his team are the reason our family is here today! I tell anyone who will listen to call Doc and his team for all their fertility and reproductive needs.”


“The journey to our little one was not an easy one, but Dr. Friberg and his team provided my husband and I with excellent care. Their compassionate approach makes you feel like you actually matter to them, because you do. I struggled with immunological issues and with Dr. Friberg’s help, was able to welcome a healthy baby into this world.”


“My husband and I came to Dr. Friberg to help us expand our family. The level of care we received has led us to refer him countless times to others. Dr. Friberg and his staff take the time to listen — they work to make you feel happy and comfortable with your treatment. Great doctor and great practice.”


“After my husband and I got married, we wanted to have kids right away. After trying for two years with no luck and heartbreak month after month, our family doctor sent us to see Dr. Friberg. We were both so nervous and didn’t know what to expect. Starting a family was supposed to be easy, right? When we walked into Dr. Friberg’s office, we were so welcomed by both him and his nurse Melissa. Dr. Friberg took his time to work a plan out with us. It was a step-by-step process, and he tried everything for our little miracle. Dr. Friberg and his staff work around your schedule… Melissa sometimes came in at 6:00 in the morning so she could take my blood before I had to go to work. After three IUI treatments and no luck, we finally decided to try IVF. Dr. Friberg and his team made the process so smooth. They prepared us for everything — we knew exactly what to expect. I will never forget the day that I received a phone call that I was pregnant. Dr. Friberg and his staff gave us an outstanding experience, and I couldn’t think of going anywhere else. We are excited to start our journey again for baby #2! Thank you, Friberg Fertility! You changed our lives forever, never gave up, and for that, we can’t thank you enough!”


“I have been a patient of Dr. Friberg for over 20 years! His wife, Dr. Inger Friberg, delivered my children, and now Dr. Jan Friberg continues to provide me with care. His approach to my care is catered to my specific and ever-changing needs. Dr. Friberg takes time to ensure he is meeting my needs and answers all questions along the way. The integrated approach to care has not only helped me lose weight, but to stay healthy, too! I love this doctor, his staff and this practice!”


“Dr. Jan Friberg has been my gynecologist since 1991. He has seen me through many difficult situations from infertility to the glorious birth of my daughter. He has a wonderful “bedside” manner. I especially like that he helps you understand your condition or symptoms and how you can work with him to solve the issue. Highly recommended!”


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