The father in the infertile couple

by Jan Friberg M.D., Ph.D. Although the baby acquires half of the genes from the father, the father’s preconceptual health has often been considered secondary to the mother who is more intimately involved in conception, pregnancy, and delivery. This is further...

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Clinical Use of Exosomes

Over the past 30 years, extensive research has given science an in-depth look into how the cells in the body communicate with one another. The short answer is that all cells send out small nanoparticles — called exosomes — as messengers that circulate in the...

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What You Should Know About Fertility Tracking

Fertility tracking has been performed since the early 19th century when Henrik Van de Velde observed that a woman’s basal body temperature increased mid cycle and dropped at the time of her period. In the 30’s and 40’s, menstrual calendar tracking had become the norm....

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