our philosophy

Friberg Fertility is focused on helping people realize their dream of parenthood by providing patients with thoughtfully customized care and unmatched expertise.

Helping People

We have noticed that many fertility treatment centers categorize their patients according to gender, relationship style, sexual orientation, and other factors before the first consultation has occurred. At Friberg Fertility we know that the road to a healthy, successful birth makes stops at many of the same places regardless of these factors. We also know that the road to fertility can be difficult without the added challenges faced by non-normative families. It is of utmost importance to us that ALL patients walk through our doors confident that we have made no assumptions about their needs based on lifestyle or biology.

It is our mission to welcome everyone into our office to plan their family. We vow to offer the same experience of custom care to each person.

Our office is a stigma-free environment for same-sex, gay, lesbian, trans-gender, queer, single parent, non-traditional, polyamorous, and heterosexual identities. If you have any concerns whatsoever about approaching us for family planning, please contact us here. We look forward to meeting you.


customized care

No two patients are alike. No two families have identical needs.

Our treatment plans begin with your story, your questions, and your dreams.

Many of our patients come to us after unsuccessful and frustrating experiences with larger fertility centers, which can feel like running a fertility obstacle course. Patients come to us after months or even years of struggle, emotionally and physically exhausted. We know that the family-planning industry is rife with prefabricated "treatment programs" that are universally applied in a factory-style approach to fertility. We stand firmly opposed to this approach. Our care will always reflect an intimacy with your unique case. Are you ready to tell your story? Make an appointment for a new patient consultation here. We look forward to listening.


Unmatched expertise

Dr. Friberg has worked in fertility since 1964. Since then, he has been on the cutting edge of fertility research and treatment, including playing an instrumental role in the first IVF Program in the American Midwest. His practice benefits from the many customized methods, proprietary equipment designs, and proven strategies that he has developed throughout his career and which are unavailable outside of our office.

Supported by an expert team of doctors and staff, Dr. Friberg has successfully carried thousands of parents through successful births.

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"After a complicated and failed IVF at a large fertility clinic, we felt frustrated and hopeless.... That’s when, on a recommendation from my sister, we called Dr. Friberg.  From day one, we felt at home... We never felt rushed, all our questions were answered. Everyone took our concerns and personal history into account when making our treatment plan... On our first round we conceived our son."

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