First Trimester Pregnancy Care

Prenatal care is essential to help both mom and baby stay healthy throughout the pregnancy. During this exciting time, we provide you with the necessary care to have an optimal start to your pregnancy journey. Dr. Friberg will monitor your pregnancy through the first trimester before he releases you to the OB who will see you through delivery. Pregnancies that occur from infertility treatment are considered to be high risk; therefore Dr. Friberg takes a careful approach to these pregnancies by seeing them more regularly. Through physical exam, blood tests and ultrasounds we keep a close watch on you until you reach your second trimester.

Immunological Factor in Pregnancy and Infertility

Dr. Friberg has extensive knowledge and experience in immunological factors in pregnancy, women who have suffered multiple miscarriages, and families that benefit from prenatal genetic screening.

Antibodies can impact fertility in both men and women. In men they interfere with sperm function, preventing sperm from penetrating into cervical mucus. In women, the antibodies prevent sperm migration into the uterus and can even immobilize sperm. All of these factors make it very difficult for sperm to reach and fertilize the egg.

In 1974 Dr. Friberg’s research resulted in creation of the sperm antibody test, now known universally as ‘The Friberg Test.’ As a leading expert in this field, there is no better person to help you and your partner address these difficult issues.

Prenatal Genetic Screening

Prenatal Genetic screening is a non-invasive way to screen for chromosome abnormalities in the fetus, which can further determine if invasive testing is needed. This procedure is normally done after 10 weeks of pregnancy, using a blood test.

"Dr Friberg's approach to my care is catered to my specific, and ever changing needs."

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